The Box was one of the first cloud storage available for commercial use. It has been continuously improved to offer a reliable secure data room. This article is a comprehensive review of the Box virtual data room.

Box data room or how to increase your business efficiency?

It is no secret that the successful conduct of any business primarily depends on how the mechanism of organizing documents. After all, working with paperwork is not fun, but it is an important part of managing the company. To optimize document management, most companies use virtual data rooms.

The Box virtual data room is a service that allows you to store documents, images, videos, financial papers and reports, spreadsheets, and more in the cloud. It is a special software through which documents are processed electronically. In other words, thanks to the data room it is possible to transfer documents between employees, issue individual tasks, archive, etc.

Probably many organizations know how to create electronic documents, store and transmit them. However, the electronic format simply will not have any legal force. In order for e-paper to gain weight, it is important that it is signed by both parties. In this case, the documents must be sealed with a special electronic signature.

Box data room is a kind of workflow system. This type of system is widespread among users due to the fact that its main task is the organization and automation of business processes. With such software, it is easy to do business, and document management is just a pretext for the existence of working moments.

What about Box data room software functionality?

Box data room solution performs the following functions:

  • Document repository. Documents are stored centrally in a single database. The system has powerful tools for searching documents (including full-text search). You can structure all kinds of files into folders.
  • Document libraries. You can design documents of any type and complexity using the Dropbox document library functionality. To quickly get started with your documents, add fields, mark features, assign a folder to the document and “distribute” it to users – it’s simple.
  • Custom file-sharing. Third-party users can gain access using a link sent by e-mail or another convenient method. At the same time, in the free version, you can only view, download and comment on files, you cannot edit them.
  • This service allows you to synchronize folders between computers and other devices and use cloud storage. At the same time, the user has the ability to copy, delete, change the name of folders and files, as well as open them in a browser using the functionality built into the data room.
  • The service supports various file formats, ranging from text documents to PDF. When uploading files via the web interface, a file size limit of 20 GB appears (it is relevant only for paid plans, since the size of the “cloud” itself does not allow attaching a larger file in the free plan).
  • Transparency of the document movement procedure. If the system is configured, several people can watch the execution of the document by executors, controllers, managers, it is easier to control the stages, diligence, relevance, etc.

It also should be mentioned that the Box data room allows employees to work remotely, access documents while in units that are geographically distant from each other, while still saving money that is usually spent on full-time couriers, courier companies involved, postage, etc.

So, this functional platform allows you to monitor the work of the team in general and each employee in particular. Its application is especially needed by companies with a large number of projects, on which different teams of performers are working.